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Sage is a 9-10 year old grade bay mare, there has never been a problem with this mare she has a great temperament; she has been broke to ride and is a great little mare. She is a little grumpy to other horses but that’s a mare thing, she loves to be around people and groomed, she has never kicked, bit or reared with people. She has been a pack horse for a long time and she will be getting a tune up and see what all she remembers after being off for a while. she will be for sale after we see what she knows.

Well sage did great today(after not being rode for 4-6 years she did great), sage is very soft in the mouth and is only being rode in a sweet iron d-ring colt bit, when she is paying attention she will work off legs, she needs a little work with reining(neck reining), and stretching out( she is so tight that she needs to loosen up and learn to move out), and learn that she can move out and doesn't have to just walk and trot, she is a little scared to go different ways when she goes riding with a buddy but after you do a few turns and some backing up she relaxes and moves on to where she is pointed, we went for a 3 hour ride and we trotted a lot she was so lazy and so tight that she wouldn't stretch out and move into a lope, but I finally got her into a lope by the end of the ride it was a little choppy but smooth. with some stretching exercises she will be a amazing horse for someone to pleasure ride, I think she will be a great family horse( I could get her to do anything wrong, I was throwing my arms moving me legs like I didn't know what I was doing, riding like a sage of potato's, she is a great horse, and I would even say that she could be a beginners horse or even a great horse for horse camps)