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My daughter is the one that got me back in the saddle after I got in a car accident. I was so scared to try any thing, because I was terrified I was going to get hurt again. That is when she put me on the one horse that she trusts with just about everyone and that is Sandy her 4 year old sorrel filly. She rescued Sandy from people that didnt know about horses and ever since then sandy has been Bobbies  little girl. Bobbie trained her and now that rescued filly is big and strong and when Bobbie says its ok and she is with her anyone can ride sandy.  So I started to ride sandy and no matter what  she is acting like with Bobbie (wild and ready to run barrels) she is calm and relaxed with me. But at the same time Bobbie started to train a two year old paint filly by the name of comma, for friends in Wheatland and well she ended up buying the filly. She was hot to trot when Bobbie started her but now she is a two year old/ old horse. I have never seen any horses rescued or young let really young kids do what ever they want to them. Bobbie has a way with horses that I have never seen before, she loves to be with them no matter what the weather is, and I just wish that I could be like her. Yea I love riding my horse when the weather is nice, and go to gymkhanas with my daughter when we can get to them.  Bobbie who loves horse the most also loves to train them and teach them what ever the owners wants her to do.  She has broke a few horses for people in Wheatland, Wyoming and has helped Traci Hatten and her daughter when they need her help around there place. They are good friends Bobbie got started training horses because of the Hattens and she loves every minute. She has been working with our three horses (her rescued filly sandydownunder, comma which is hers but i ride her, and cat which is my horse but she rides him because he is still under training) so that she can get them ready for barrels, poles and roping. She and her dad are starting to rope in the summer. GIVE BOBBIE A CHANCE AND LET HER SHOW YOU WHAT SHE CAN DO FOR YOU AND YOUR HORSE.

                                                                                « BOBBIES MOM CAROLYN »




Bobbie is one of the best person that i have ever seen on a horse. She always knows what to do when there are problems. And if i ever need more help with a horse i will go back to bobbie

                                                   « Cady a good friend »

Robin Clark

"I moved to Wyoming in October 2006 to Worland from Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I thought because I lived out in the Wild West, I needed to buy a horse or two later three.  I purchased a horse that I did not even ride and took the word of the seller that she was trained.  So I purchased a 2 year old for 1700.  That should tell you how unexperienced I was in the horse ownership business.  After a few months, I purchased another horse for 700.00 that was 8 months old.  I had to send the 2 yr old to a trainer for 3 months and still could not ride her when she got back home.  By the way, the horse was for my 14 year old daughter, who never rode a horse in her life.  Anyway, we moved to Cheyenne in June of 2007, where we settled in Burns eventually.  This is where I met my new neighbor Bobbie.  Bobbie is a very spirited and energetic young women.  Bobbie has really great parents that I call friends.  They are good people and very trustworthy.  Bobbie has an enormious amount of talent when it comes to riding and training horses.  She taught me and my daughter how to ride, which was no small task (we're still working on this).  She has worked with my daughters 4 year old horse retraining her.  She has also broke my 2 year old gelding.  She has worked with this gelding throughout the summer 2008 and has made him a fine leisure horse.  She is now teaching me how to ride him.  I ride with Bobbie whenever I get the chance and her experience and knowledge really floors me because she is only 21 years old.  I would highly recommend Bobbie to train your horse."

                                                              « Robin Clark »

Kacy Hatten

I have known Bobbie for many years, and have worked with her on many horses in that time. We have started many colts and spent a huge amount of time warming up my mother's cutting horses at shows, cleaning stalls, doing chores, and taking care of the horses. She is a very driven young lady, and you can count on her to work hard until the job is done. She is always there when you need her, and is always more than willing to lend you her helping hand. When it comes to a getting a job done, Bobbie will get on any horse and do a good job for you!

                                                                    «Kacy Hatten»


Sheridan Kane

I have known Bobbie since I was a tiny babies. I grew up around her and always looked up to her because she was an amazing rider and wanted to follow

right in her foot steps. I always wanted to be with her when she was riding because she showed a special bond with horses and would spend all the time in the world to get pass the problem with the horse. She is always the person who I would want to go to get a horses trained or to further more experience a horse. She has a special bond that can just stun you with amazement. So this is a person who I would want to send a horse with to train. Bobbie is a amazing horse rider and has a special bond with them. She can rope, barrel race, and do any challenge you put in front of her. She can conquer anything no matter what... If it takes a day or 3 months she can conquer it. Some day I want to walk in her shoes and be as good as her. I love to watch her ride and connect with the horses... If I could do any job with anyone in the world I would work with her training horses. So please check her out and let her train your next horse.

Sheridan Kane

kaycee Jones

I have been born and raised around horses and in the winter of 2008 my full bred quarter horse gave birth I wanted to sell the colt cause I didn't have the time to train him nor did I have the money to pay a trainer at full costs tell I decided to check out a few private trainers and met Bobbie, she had my colt saddle broke and bit trained and all ready for me to lock and load on running him as my new roping horse within 6 months, Bobbie had a positive attitude towards what she does best (train horses), I was greatly surprised to find out she not only had an amazing price and training skills but she came all the way from Montana to Colorado to pick my horse up for training, when I seen Bobbie with my colt I was very happy she developed and great trust and friendship with him while working with him. I currently do not have the colt anymore I gave him to my 8 year old cousin who is just getting into roping and I was very shocked to see how calm the colt was with my 8 year old cousin she now ropes with him and she has taken second just about every time and I know as she gets older and more skilled both my cousin and that colt will grow together with the roping competitions and I believe she would get first place as soon as she gets older and gets better with swinging her rope and I know that her getting second instead of first has nothing to do with her horse it?s her age and lack of experience from being so young I believe that my cousin and this horse will make it big one day all from how well this colt got trained at such a young age by Bobbie....

Thank You,
Kaycee Jones

Sonja Duffield Clncke

We cant believe we were lucky enough to find Bobbie Redding I think it was about a month of setting on the computer emailing back and forth asking questions after questions and she took the time to answer every single one of them without getting annoyed or just pushing me to get the horses there to train, But she helped me to understand what she does and how she works. I HAD many problem horses and older horses that needed trained. The first two horses I sent to Bobbie are: 

Bobbie kept in contact with me over those 30 days letting me know there progress sending me pictures, and still answering every question I threw at her. After 30 days my husband and I went to pick up our horses and I was in awww.....that these horses were mine.

 "Bit" he is a 5 year old 16 hand paint very nice horse but he had a problem with being to pushy, walking over  me, and biting me.  

After 30 days my husband and I went to pick up our horses and I was in awww.....that these horses were mine.

 "Bit" I could walk him and he didn't crowd me, and he didn't even attempt to bite me, and riding him was amazing I'm only 5'2 and getting on a 16 hand horse is difficult without help but he stood there while I wormed myself up into the saddle and rode him. Then my husband got on him and rode him around, then after that he stood on the saddle and Bobbie stood on his rump and then slid down his rump I was so impressed.

The second horses name is "Spirit" who is a 5 year old gelding who WAS scared of everything and everyone. "Spirit" who my husband was anxiety for I couldn't believe it Bobbie walked right up to him hooked the lead rope on without him jumping or spooking and then walked him out into the round pen, saddled him up like he was a pro. Bobbie threw ropes all around him and under him and no spooking or jumping I was in awww... again Bobbie got on and rode him around he was just amazing. My husband and I brought the horses home and put them straight to work you would have never guessed that they just came out of 30 days of training. And after almost a year later I still call Bobbie for advice and questions about them and she takes that time to answer every single one.  

Tressie Miller Bourquin

I am new to horses and trying to learn everything I can! I have 3 horses and I cant ride one of them. I hired Bobbie to break my mare to ride. I chose Bobbie to break my horse because her price was reasonable. Bobbie is super nice, she held a spot for my Aphro until I could get her to Bobbie. Once I got my mare to her, she went right to work getting to know my mare. Shortly after Bobbie introduced the saddle to her. Aphro was not used to the saddle, the bridal, the bit or the saddle pad. Aphro loves it all now, Bobbie trained her pretty good in the 30 days she had her. Aphro will stand still for everything, from putting all the tack on to , actually putting your foot into the stirrup. Aphro is still really green, but I put my stepdaughter on her today, and my mare did really GREAT!! Bobbie did such an AWESOME job with her, that I gave her my youngest gelding to her for some ground work. I can now ride My mare, it has been a dream of mine ever since I got her. I have head Aphro for 2 years now , not being able to ride was horrid , but as of October 1st I am able to ride. Any and all questions I asked, she was more than happy to help answer them, she helped a lot!! Bobbie is great with horses, and a damn good trainer! I would highly recommend her services!!!!

Amanda Allemand

It was a pleasure doing business with Bobbie Redding. Whether she is training, trading, and/or selling horses she goes above and beyond to help and please the customer. I received updates (up to date progress, pictures, and videos) every 1-3 days. Ms Redding is very knowledgeable and helpful in training the horse as well as the rider so they work on the same cues. I was always welcome to ask advice, or stop by anytime to ride my horse when he was undergoing training with Ms. Redding. Knowing Bobbies love and passion for horses put me at ease knowing the horse was always well cared for. I would suggest Bobbie Redding's horse training program because it is proven to work and is very affordable.

~Amanda Allemand~

Carolyn Cudaback-Carlyle

Bobbie is wonderful with horses. All together she dealt with 4 horses for me. Traded one for another one, sold one and took that money and bought me one, that I had not seen. She could not have done a better job, I love my new horse, and my other 3 are all in good homes!! She has the best technique with horses, they respond to her and her methods. And she truly cares for the horse! She is amazing, and should the need arise; she is the ONLY one I would consider getting me another horse!!! I just cannot say enough good about her!!! 

Geri Rogers Proctor

I am very impressed with Bobbie Redding. I needed a tune up on a green horse and she did everything she said she would. Bobbie was easy to contact, always returned calls and kept me updated. Her training techniques were exactly what the horse needed. She kept our horse soft and responsive. I would use her again and recommend her to others

Jenna Cobb

I met Bobbie about a month ago over Facebook. She had a client's horse that interested me in a trade for my horse. Bobbie had told me a little bit about herself and how she had been working with Sammie (the horse I have now) and how nice of a horse he was. I myself train horses so talking to another trainer allot of the times I take what they say with a grain of salt. Mostly because there's allot of "trainers" out there. However once we made the trade I was quite pleased with the yellow horse that Bobbie had worked with. He was extremely easy to ride, very nice and light handle, hard stops! And he knew how to move his hips and shoulders with little pressure. Just a nice horse all the way around. I was not only pleased with the handle Bobbie had put on this new horse of mine I was also pleased on how she dealt with my old horse scatter. She matched him up great with Amanda, the old owner of Sammie, and she kept in touch with me on how the two were doing together. So I ended up with a horse that was ready to go to work and still get to hear about how my old horse is doing. I haven't stopped my business with Bobbie there. I have recently purchased a mare from Bobbie sight unseen and without riding her because I know I can trust Bobbie and what she says about her horses. This mare so far has been word for word. I would recommend Bobbie for anyone. She does great work, keeps in touch, and is honest. If I ever get full on horses I'm riding I would feel completely comfortable sending some of my clients her way. I don't see any reason why I shouldn't do business with her and highly recommend her.

Amy Reese

 I have several horses that I have been looking high and low for a reliable trainer who would take the time to really train my horses. I sent a 3 year old filly to Bobbie Redding to evaluate and to get started for me. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with her constant dedication to the horses in her care, to her commitment to making the horse successful and to earning the respect o...f the owners. From the first day, I was not disappointed in her or her handling of my horse. In 6 weeks, my horse was ridden, worked with and/or had one on one attention EVERY day!! She put on so much muscle, learned her manners, she learned leg, reining and verbal commands from the saddle. Outstanding!!! Thank You Bobbie!! I cannot wait to send her to you again in the spring for some final touches.

I am a repeat customer of Bobbie Redding’s and the Sandy Down Under team!! I was so impressed with the work done on my filly that I decided to challenge Bobbie and by sending her a “difficult” horse to see what she thought. This mare has been to THREE different trainers and not a one could get the job done and it was always “HER” fault according to them. They were one dimensional and didn’t think outside the box and didn’t have the patience that we needed to move forward.
My mare had gotten colic as a 2 year old and was handled pretty rough in trying to save her life. I didn’t know if I should be furious at people for mistreating her or happy that they eventually saved her life. She was a completely different horse after this incident. I kept thinking she would outgrow it and begin to trust again, she has, but it has not been an easy road for either her or me. She has overcome a lot and I just love her, not sure she feels the same .
Due to the work that Bobbie had done with my first filly, I sent her down for a quick evaluation and to see if she was trainable or if she would just be a brood mare as her “issues” are not in her breeding but the result of her getting colic. Bobbie was patient and kind in learning my mare and connecting with her to build the trust she needed to move forward. Bobbie recognized that her flexibility on her right side was limited to none and then put that with most of her problems are on the right side. She was aware of the mare and connected to her needs. We were able to get a treatment plan together with a massage therapist who realized that she needs some therapy and a chiropractor so that she can physically get better and will then perform better. Seems like a little thing but it is huge to my mare and to me knowing what direction to go in her care plan to make her the comfortable horse she deserves to be. This may not have happened without Bobbie!! I will be sending her my mare again in the spring after she has completed her therapy program and we will be able to get her going and into a job she loves to do!!
I say all this to say that if you are looking for a trainer that is in it for the horse and not just the money, you have come to the right place and will not be disappointed. Bobbie believes in creating a solid, sound and reliable horse for the owner. It has truly been a learning experience for both me and my mares. I would have no hesitation sending any horse to Bobbie for training, starting and/or finishing! Bobbie your ability to respect the horse and earn its respect is remarkable and I am so thankful our paths have crossed!! As long as Bobbie is training, my horses will be there learning!! Thank you again! Please feel free to contact me with any other questions...

Going into this summer with my horse Flint was heart breaking. We had gone from working together to Flint bucking very aggressively! After going back to ground work and seeking medical help, Flint still wouldn't accept a rider. After looking high and low I was blessed to come across Bobbie Reddings post for training. After contacting Bobbie regarding Flint we arranged a time to drop him off for training. It was very hard for me to accept and to leave Flint with someone else. Bobbie had her rodeos with Flint she is strong and can pass the test any horses presents. Bobbie in one week was taking him to a barrel race. Yesterday I rode Flint for the first time after I fractured my tail bone because he bucked me off. I will tell you I was scared to death, I needed support and someone to push me. My riding wasn't pretty Bobbie never made me feel like I couldn't do it she corrected me when I got a bad attitude. The best thing she did for me was taking my reins away from me to build my confidence that Flint doesn't want to hurt me. His head was down his ears were listening and he was chewing! Flint needed an attitude adjustment and it is amazing what I saw in Flint. Bobbie has a life time client and it is reassuring knowing I can always reach out to her

Tina Baird