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Are you having problems with reaching the point that you have been working so hard to get to with your horse. Does your horse fight with you and show that they dont want to work with you. Are you on you last straw and dont know what to do. Let Sandy Down Under help you and your horse join up together, or just let us visit with your horse for a while. trust me, we wil figure out what is wrong and help you fix it.

Sandy Down Under training Center

Barrel Racing

Colt Starting


Pole Bending

Riding lessons


We have a "no-frills, no-BS" colt starting program that WORKS and has proven itself time and time again. Our program gives a solid foundation that you can build on, no matter what discipline you're working towards.  We are adamant about developing the young horses' mind as well as their bodies; they come out of this colt starting program with a well developed mouth and supple body.

The whole philosophy of our training program is founded on the fact that our horses and I have a deep respect for one another. Our horses choose to work for us, they do not work out of fear or brutality. Our equine students meet us at the gate and are ready to learn versus running to the corner, not wanting to be caught! Once a relationship like this is established with the horse, the sky is the limit on what one may achieve!

Along with training horses, we also train people how to better understand their horse?s mind and body, thus helping them become more successful trainers and competitors. Making people more aware of their own skills and how they affect the horse is our goal.

Training Rates and Costs

Colt Starting, Finish/Handle

Base price $600/month
Owner supplies hay, or may choose to pay what we pay for our feed.

GREAT DISCOUNTS for multiple horses, or any return visits!

Tune-Ups and Refreshers for Broke Horses and Rodeo Horses

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rates available
Call for details.

Problem horses, call for details.