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Flying H Gaited Horses

August 10, 2008

We have been acquainted with Bobbie Redding for some time now and she has worked with many of our horses. Bobbie works diligently at every task assigned to her. Our horses respond well to her and we would recommend to Bobbie to stay in the horse industry and pursue what she loves so much.

Good Luck with your new venture Bobbie.

Jim and Koni Hawley

Flying H Gaited Horses

Wheatland, Wyoming

Top Hatt Arena

                                                                                                   January 29, 2009


Traci Hatten

210 Sybille Creek Road

Wheatland, Wyoming 82201


To Whom It May Concern:

 This is a letter of reference for Bobbie Redding.  I have had the opportunity to employ Ms. Redding on a number of occasions.  On several occasions, Ms. Redding has traveled with me to various cutting events.  Her responsibilities at these events were as follows:  Feeding, watering, cleaning stalls and saddling and warming up cutting horses that were going to be shown. Ms. Redding also helped me with a lot of the colts that I need to be worked with.  I found Bobbie to always be ready and willing and observed that she had a very strong work ethic.  I could always depend on Bobbie to have a horse warmed up correctly, tacked up correctly and ready to be shown.  No matter how long the day was, I found Bobbie to be prepared for whatever task was at hand and she was always pleasant to be around.  I could count on her to get her work done.  I would recommend her for any work as she is enthusiastic and has a very strong work ethic.  Thank you for your time.

Kindest Regards,


Traci Hatten, Cutting Horse Trainer  

210 Sybille creek rd

Wheatland, Wyoming 82201

house: 1-307-322-4352